get it done

We are an extension of your team, a fresh perspective or

an additional set of problem solvers.

We are a small, nimble team who have been producing results for the last ten years. We have a broad range of skills and offer strategic advice, change and project management, design, procurement, health and safety, event and exhibition delivery, web development, and more.

A special project is any project that you think is urgent and important – and for whatever reason, getting it done with your existing resource seems impossible. 

​Special projects can be critical, sensitive, extra, undefined, complicated, or simply those ones you know will make all the difference, if only you had the time.

We often work on projects that have been sitting on the side for far too long, because they aren't really anyone's job, but everyone knows they really need to be done.


We want to launch our idea, product, service

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Idea conversion

We have a great idea, but need help getting started with it

Special project >


Our proposal's approved,

now we need to deliver it

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We can't explain it, but we know we need help

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people we've worked with

Our clients include community and not-for-profit organisations, social enterprise ventures, start-ups, government initiatives and commercial businesses – because everyone has a special project. And, while every project is different, one thing is always the same – our clients don't want to worry about the project, they just want it done. 

WE make it easy

As a Project Agency, we're a fit for clients that don't want to commit to a long-term agreement or have a drawn out procurement process. Since we started in 2009, we've gone about our business project-by-project, sometimes developing an ongoing relationship but other times we're in and out – job done. For many clients this works perfectly, and they know that we're there when they need us again for another special project.