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Dare To operates along two work streams

Modern Bathtub

Design & build projects

We move projects forward by

helping clients navigate design, documentation, trades, consents and practical decision making.


Social initiatives, exhibitions & events

We create installations, media, expo's, public programmes, and online tools to generate discussion, raise knowledge, influence attitudes, entertain and change behaviours.

Design & build projects

Refresh, demolish, retrofit, construct, transform,
modernise, remediate or design.
Let us help you through it.

Build projects

Creating a home, landscaping a garden, or redesigning a community space
requires imagination,communication, drive and attention to detail.
Design and build projects also involve a myriad of processes, people and decision making.
We excel at helping our clients move through the stages from big picture planning down to the nitty gritty details by streamlining the experience and removing pain points.

Interior Designer Testing New Colors

No project is too great or small.
Whether it's a
help us through the design process need
or a 
get us into our home asap need,
we will make it happen.

We are patient, focused, creative and
great at 
getting things done.

Social initiative, exhibitions & events

Social initiatives, exhibitions & events

We have a fire in our belly to make a difference, provoke, question, express ideas and
(if needed) shout. 
We also have a kete of tools that help optimise processes, funding opportunities and documentation so that the team can focus on creativity and delivery.

We believe that every organisation has a special project just waiting to be activated.
But despite how important it is to get this project started (or finished), you simply need
more hands to make it happen. This is where we can help.
We have 20 years experience in the creative arts, culture and heritage and social enterprise sectors and can help with project management, concept design, strategic thinking, creative plans, tikanga, funding pitches, promotion, programming, touring, and so much more.

Need help with an event, exhibition, or social activation? We are all in and can sort it out!
It doesn't matter whether it's a
help us get this up
and running
need or a please just get this
done awesomely
 need, we are keen to work with you.
We are energetic, thoughtful, flexible, experienced and
great at providing a helping hand.

People we have worked with in the culture & heritage sector, event or exhibition arena
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