what are

special projects?

They are the projects that both excite and gnaw away at you, because integrating them as part of your daily work programme just doesn't seem to fit.

They could be key to simplifying your business in the long run, or bringing in a more reliable customer base, or they might make that BIG difference you've dreamt about for so long. 

Despite the impact that these projects may have, you never seem to have enough time or workforce to crack them. Now is the time – we can help you get it done.

how it works

Our primary goal is to ensure that your business or organisation can keep generating income, or delivering services, while we work away in the background getting things done.

We like to keep it as simple as possible for you, while maintaining excellent communication and working with a policy of no surprises.

discovery ► strategy

First we peel back the layers and make sure that we fully understand the challenge. We use a flexible discovery process to ensure that the right questions are asked and the right people answer them. 

​This is your chance to ask questions too – of us, of each other, of yourself – so that we land on a strategy that's intelligent and efficient.

►  Research and analysis                                              ►  Project planning documentation

►  Brand / event / identity workshops                            ►  Change or promotional planning

►  Strategy

project delivery

Sometimes things pop up that are either not right for your internal team to deliver, or there's not enough capacity for them to take on. We can step in and supplement your team, and help get things done. 

There are no off-the-shelf solutions and nothing is too great or too small. Whether it's a help-me-get-this-up-and-running need or a please-just-help-me-get-this-done-awesomely need, we will make it happen. 

Our people are quick, energetic, thoughtful, curious, flexible and great at connecting the dots, so that you don't need to worry and can keep on focusing on your core business.

►  Project management                                                 ►  Change management

►  Brand identity and key messaging                           ►  Campaign and brand development

►  Marketing collateral and web design                       ►  Build, refit or renovation projects

►  Event delivery                                                           ►  Exhibitions and touring

Dog Park


Project initiation plan, project

delivery, site management 

and opening event



Exhibition development,

national roadshow and education campaign

Super Yacht


Refit styling and 

coordination of trades

South East Asian

Night Market

Cultural diversity

experience and event

Major Trauma


Online strategy,

website design and build

Health and


Business start-up

communication plan, 

website design and build

Matariki Festival


Community engagement

event and exhibition

Women's Work


Conference website, marketing collateral and resources

some examples


NZ Bike Expo


Event production,

sales and delivery

Tuia logo.png

Tuia Encounters 250

NZ Maritime Museum

Exhibition project management

sponsorship and funding 

Biketober logo.png



Festival consultant


Port Nicholson Poneke

Cycling Club

Website development, event delivery

what people have to say

Dare To absolutely transformed my business. I had a dream of what I wanted my website to look like and function like and I now have it! 

Before I went to Dare To I was overwhelmed and frustrated and I didn't know where to start with launching my products and services. Krissy and her team completely understood my vision and began to offer creative suggestions, expert advice and insight on how to progress my business and reach my customers. They were excellent in interpreting my ideas and passion, and giving it a voice and platform to grow globally.

My messaging has been captured beautifully, and I'm now so proud of my business and the potential ways it can now expand. Dare To have established some sound IT processes and I have targets thoughtfully crafted in alignment with where I want to take my business from here.

I recommend Dare To, if you have a project or business that needs some specialised and highly individualised creative direction, to get it to where you want it to be, in what feels like no time at all.

Karen Laverde

Director | Health and Homeopathy

We were looking to upgrade our website to a more modern, user friendly look and engaged Krissy to develop the new website. We are really pleased with the solution she designed, which has been praised by our members and international visitors to the site. The process was easy and enjoyable as she quickly understood our requirements and her use of the latest software and concepts resulted in a fresh, slick website.

Siobhan Isles

Krissy (Dare To Founder) had great conceptual ideas for our project and her work delivery was extremely quick. Krissy has also manages our website and has helped NZPSHA with event management registration processes and design work. NZPSHA would highly recommend Krissy’s work.

Rose Geden

Executive Director | New Zealand Private Surgical Hospitals Association Inc.

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