update your club

Clubs are incredible places where passion ignites passion, people do because they want to, and multiple generations get to participate side by side.

The challenge for Clubs though, is that there's always more that could be done, the skills of the volunteers tends to influence what gets priority, and there's little money to put into things that no one is able to do for free.

We understand this, both as an active committee members of our 91 year old cycling club and as people who work with small to medium sized businesses and organisations. You want to eek out as much as possible for as little as possible, and believe it or not, we want to help you.

To make this work, we have processes that we can replicate, while still creating an outcome for you that you'll love and feel relates to your Club. To find out more, all you have to do it make contact and we'll talk you through our Club Warrant of Fitness programme!

Then before you know it, your Club will actually look and work like a Club that belongs in the 17th year of the 21st century.​

►  Does your constitution use words that you'd never say, and that people don't understand?


►  Is your website so old it takes an hour to make a few simple updates? 


►  Or even worse, do you need to pay your website company to make the changes for you?

►  Does your logo look like something out of the 80's or 90's, and not in a good way?   

►  Do you love your Club kit? Do your juniors love your Club kit? Would you proudly wear it at a non-Club event?

►  Do you have a list of the roles and responsibilities for each paid or volunteer position in your Club?

►  Do you have online banking?

►  Can people register online for your events/races?

►  Do you have a Facebook page and/or Instagram account and is it actively used?

►  Are you archiving your Club's history anywhere?

►  Can enough people access the Club's vital information in the event that a key person leaves?

Struggling to find the time to devote to these topics is normal within a Clubs

Delivering events and getting people involved, training, coaching... is what it's all about – not administration.

But, to create a great Club culture that's vibrant and attractive to newcomers, social media, online presence, logo's and Club kit matter, so dare to deal with yours.


Click here to contact us and set-up a time to talk through your Club's needs and get your new Warrant of Fitness

This logo was created more than 20 years ago, and didn't communicate that it was connected to cycling, a Club or Wellington.

This kit was unpopular with riders, and therefore not worn at events, on social rides or when people were commuting.

The old website was edible and straightforward, but it after being suspected for malware was dropped by google and unable to be fully restored.

The new logo has a text and a graphic component,is clearly positioned in the cycling scene and reflects the Clubs trip-code nature (road, track and MTB).

The new kit encompasses a full range of items including (but not limited to) jersey's bibs, jackets, socks, gloves, warmers. It's modern and desirable.

The new website is fully editable, more visually attractive and contemporary. Content can be created, hidden, and then refreshed the following season, reducing the time taken to constantly upload new info.