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I think projects are fantastic because they're purposeful and are usually intended to solve a problem, make something better, create a home or offer

an experience. I also enjoy the finite nature of projects, with their distinct beginning, middle and end phases.

The beginning: I love it when someone comes to us with an idea that they're excited about, and we can help them work through the questions and distil it down. We offer incites that we've learned over the last 20 years and look for improvements.

The middle: This is where the rubber meets the road, and we get busy. Having clarity from the beginning, we are awesome at focusing people and working towards a common goal. With dashes of creativity, open communication, a strong desire to do things well – while having fun doing it – we can do amazing things together.

The end: We like quantifying, learning and continual improvement, so if you do too, this is where some real magic can take place. While projects are finite, they are not always one-off, and a lot can be transferred to future projects or even business as usual processes.

►  Krissy

Dare To Founder




Don't be bound by the
status quo. Be original,
dare to do it differently.

Make the impossible possible. Trust that others
will get behind it.

Launch and run with it.
Have courage and
share it.

Do things that matter
and have fun doing it.

Listen, feel, empathise,
work hard, collaborate,
and be generous.

our TEAM

We are values driven and care deeply about the world and all that is in it.
We endeavour to tread lightly and make sustainable decisions. 
Whatever your mission, we have the right mix of people to help you move forward and get it done!


Understand what success looks like and share the vision
Be prepared to pivot – don't get destination fixation
Reflect, share, and learn, improve
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